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    Lindsey Harding update

    Here's an update on Lindsey, who has struggled with injuries in the WNBA, but is on the mend and practicing again. She expects be game-ready within a week.

    Lindsey update

    Best of luck, Lindsey!

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    Excellent - one of my all-time favorits!
    "This is the best of all possible worlds."
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    Best of luck, Lindsey! I hope she can come back and play injury-free from here on out. The Lynx have been doing so well; I really hope the team only gets better with her back on the floor.

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    Good news! The team is doing really well, it will be interesting to see how they do with her in the mix. The good part for her is that since the team IS doing well, they can ease her back in. Obviously they have players who can fill her position, so she does not have to perform at the same level she was at pre-injury. Hopefully, however, she plays just as well as she did then. She is a fun player to watch.

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    Go Lindsey!

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