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  1. It's true, I think Gary dislikes the atmosphere at Duke, however, I think his comments were good-natured. Probably not something that K would have said, but still good-natured, nonetheless.

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    It may be neither here nor there, but you could say that about almost every opinion expressed on this board:

    If you're not currently coaching Duke, your opinion on [insert basketball theory] is neither here nor there.
    I think you'll agree, though, that a majority of the cheers at any given game have been around for quite some time. The upperclassmen (or sophomores at least) teach all the freshmen the stock Duke cheers every year. So, while the crazies manifest themselves anew every season, any given incarnation is heavily dependent on the past.

    Same with the cheer sheets. I bet most crazies today don't even know that the sheets are relatively new. They're just doing what they think has always been done. So, the idea that every year the crazies "decide" whether or not they have cheer sheets is suspect.

    There seems to be a segment of folks on the board who have a personal stake in the idea of the cheer sheets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MulletMan View Post
    Answer the second: Perhaps Gary intentionallly is talking aboutthings not related to the game in order to take pressure of of his team. I mean, are you guys talking about the team? Are the Crazies talking about how to work the Maryland players? No, people are complaining about Gary... perhaps he gotcha.
    Agree. Gary has gotten into it with the Crazies in the past at the game itself. I believe this is on purpose - directing the chants, etc. his way instead of at his players. It doesn't bother him any to get yelled at.

    And honestly, what is the big deal with the cheer sheets? It's hard for me to fathom why anyone would care (one way or the other).
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    The big deal about cheer sheets is how friggin' lame they are. They make anyone who went to Duke look like a huge dork. When that one got posted on I got teased by my buddies for weeks. I love Duke hoops and I think Cameron is the best place to see a game in the world. That said, I think the Crazies are a bunch of nerds who came to Duke and heard basketball was the thing to do so they camp out for weeks. Where as guys that played sports in high school and have loved college hoops their whole lives and are far more knowledgeable fans (about more than just Duke) can't go to as many games because they actually have a social life. I'll stand in line for any game, all day and I might even camp out for a night, but anything more than that is ridiculous. The creativity is gone from the crowd because the cool creative guys can't go to games any more!! I know this may be an unpopular view, but I think the crazies are pretty brutal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoDukeTattoos View Post
    It's true, I think Gary dislikes the atmosphere at Duke, however, I think his comments were good-natured. Probably not something that K would have said, but still good-natured, nonetheless.
    I think that he may want his comments to come across as good-natured, but I think that at the core they most likely are not. I'm sure that all the years of chants aimed at him, not to mention the beatdowns his team has received at times, have definitely made him bitter.


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