This is not an Olympic thread, the Memphis Tigers bball team leaves this month for a team trip to China. It was mentioned in an article about Josh Pastner being a candidate for the open assistants job and how things would have to be completed quickly for him to go with the team to China.

My question is whether the 4 (maybe 5) stud freshmen are able to go? My recollection is that players must be enrolled in classes to go on such trips, but also that such trips cannot be scheduled in conflict with classes. Thus, the freshmen would not have had a chance to take classes before going. Have the rules been changed?

Second, there are several players eligible to go that are "testing the NBA waters", Dozier, CDR, and Rose. A trip to China at the end of May would conflict with the NBA workouts. With 2 seniors gone, that would leave only 8 players on the team to travel to China. Doesn't seem like a good use of the trip (is it still one foreign trip every three years?)