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    What a rough year for K

    Beside Duke's struggles, add Amaker's firing, the first-round upset loss by Brey's ND team... bad times for la famiglia.

    As an aside, I really wonder what effect K's offseason commitment to USA Basketball had on this season. I'm sure it would only have helped to have him in Durham working with players during the offseason...


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    "I'm sure it would only have helped to have him in Durham working with players during the offseason..."

    while i am one of those who thinks the USA bball job is a distraction, i seem to remember that actually working with the players off season is against the rules: constitutes a practice.

    if i am wrong, i would appreciate being so informed.

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    The failure of Team USA to win last summer is part of what makes it a rough year for Coach K.
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    You are absolutely 100% correct. There was a minimal number of hours that K spent with Team USA that he COULD have spent with the Devils... everyone is quick to pick up on his demise... Team USA didn't win Gold; Duke didn't win ACC regular or tournament; didn't get a 1 seed in the NCAAs; got bounced in the first round.

    But if you look at the man's twenty-plus year record, this is a drop in the bucket. For Duke fans who hold Coach K at fault for everything that has happened this year, wait until March 08. If we "repeat" at some of these unusual endings, THEN think about the coach.

    Coach K isn't perfect; but, by God, he is the best coach walking on the court in the US... and I'd much rather see him with this team than Gary Williams or Roy. Can you imagine what would have happened to Marty and Brian had Williams spent the entire season yelling at them because the starters weren't scoring?

    Hang in there. We made it through a lot of few win years before K got here; we lived through 95 although a lot of us thought we might not.

    This too shall pass.


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