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    interesting Forde article on "one and done" athletes

    I'm not a huge Pat Forde fan given his penchant for Duke tweaking but found this article compelling.

    As great as it would have been on the court to add Love or Rose to this year's squad, the notion that these guys are "student-athletes" borders on the farcical.

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    i think Love was jerking pat's chain....and did well at it..

    i've heard Love on the jim rome show...he's no dummy...

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    Love as case example

    I don't dispute that Love may be a bright guy. But he would never be in college except for the rule change and guys like him have no incentive to do anything in school that would distract from their NBA mission. This means taking easy classes (often pre-picked by academic advisers) for their first semester and being able to blow off their 2nd semester classes (half of their entire college experience) if they want to.

    Maybe this is just the "cost of doing business" in the modern college hoops era. But I hope I am not being naive in thinking we can avoid such situations and still compete at the highest level.

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