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    Carlos Boozer's Family Courage

    I didn't see this on the main page so I thought I would add it here.
    God bless Carlos, his wife and his boys!

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    The article was even in the Courier-Journal, so there is still some Duke light here in KY! Hope for Lavabe!!!

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    southern boy in the north
    thanks for posting this... prayers out to the boozer family

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    as a father who has (and does daily) faced similar, i say good luck to you and your family carlos. Aside from your incredible NBA career, you are getting an unwanted medical education.

    our prayers are with you and your family.

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    Best wishes & prayers from here.

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    Take good care of that boy, Carlos!

    Glad to hear the prognosis is good! You can bet that sixteen years from now we'll STILL be looking for that "presence in the middle". We're counting on Carmani, bless his heart!
    Love, Ima

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