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    How we beat West Virginia

    I forgot that Huggins was with WVU. I knew Beeline took over for Amaker. I think that after tonight Duke will be ready for WVU. Remember in 95 when Edney drove coast to coast to beat Missouri? on their way to a title. I'm not saying Duke will do this, but a 6 game win streak isn't out of the question is it?

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    How we beat Bob Huggins and West Virgina

    its payback time huggy!

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    Turn them over and score easy baskets in transition.

    Have some fun doing it.

    Take good 3 point shots-not just any 3 point shots.



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    Play 100 times better than we did tonight, and then pray for a miracle

    Seriously though we gotta play a little bit of "d". WVU looked good down the stretch vs UofA

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    I think the most critical matchup will be Singler v. Alexander (I assume that is who Singler will be guarding). Alexander really went off in the B-East tourney and is a true star player.

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    Perimeter defense, stick a guy on Alexander at all times, take and make good shots, and don't forget about Da'Sean Butler.

    There was little to no driving by WVU in the game tonight, and Butler did most of what did occur. Arizona got looks, they just didn't capitalize. And Alexander can be turned over if you push him out of the paint.

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    I think we match up well with WVU. Singler has played decent D even in the games where he struggled...just needs to not commit stupid fouls. Markie needs some flu medicine; G needs to be put into cryogenic suspension immediately after his postgame shower.

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    Duke has to hit its free throws. We did okay in that area tonight but we'll need to shoot them even better on Saturday (and obviously tonight we needed every last one just to win). The reason is WVU is an aggressive defense and they'll put us on the line. Tonight, Arizona had 21 free throw attempts to WVU's 9, and for the season, WVU is near the bottom third of the country as far as opponent free throw rate.

    I have a feeling this is going to be a defensive slugfest. WVU isn't as quick as Belmont 1 through 5, but they're longer and they're athletic vertically, i.e. very good leapers, and they'll cause problems in their own way. I don't think we're going to be able to shoot well against that combination of length, leaping ability, and aggressiveness and I just hope we get fouled a lot and make our free throws and WVU doesn't end up with 10 blocked shots. I can also see WVU giving us problems on the offensive boards with that combination.

    I think we'll guard WVU pretty well on the initial shot because I don't think they'll be beating us off the dribble consistently, but who knows. I didn't think Belmont would play us to the wire, either. We have to chase and get a hand in the face on jumpshots and I think we can do that. Hopefully we'll grab the rebound when they miss. This game just has the feel of one of those ugly offensive games where both teams shoot about 40% and we lose at the end by giving up a key offensive rebound and putback. If we hit our free throws, hopefully that putback will merely cut into a lead we have. If we don't hit our free throws, that putback will win WVU the game or extend THEIR lead.

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    Step 1: Figure out who used to start the threads back in 2001. I don't think I did it, and I'm glad this one started before I could post another one.
    Step 2: Get that person to start these threads moving forward!
    I'll have some real analysis after I get a chance to mull over the matchup.

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    Here's what I've gathered from Ken Pomeroy's site.

    He ranks them at #22 overall, with the #26 offense and #28 defense. (In contrast, Duke's O is 7 and D is 10.)

    They play a slow tempo, and are one of the best in the country at avoiding turnovers. They aren't a great 3-ball team, nor free throws. However, they are fairly good at rebounding and great at blocking shots.

    Their record is hard to break down. Only 4 of their wins came against teams in the top 75: Marquette (home), Syracuse (home), Pitt (home), and UConn (neutral).

    They have 10 losses: Tenn (neutral), Oklahoma (semi-home), Notre Dame (away), Louisville (away), Gtown (home), Cincy (home), Pitt (away), Villanova (away), UConn (away), and Gtown (neutral).

    In all, it looks like a team Duke can beat if they bring a stronger game.

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    I hope the "monkey" from last year's VCU first round loss is now "off their backs", and then can get back to playing Duke basketball... with some fun included

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    I think that the play of Gerald Henderson tonight will do wonders for Saturdays' game. Not only is G proving he can play at a high level despite the injury, he's forcing teams to come up with ways to stop him. WVU will look to stop Henderson from penetrating into the lane.

    This plays right into Duke's wheelhouse. Teams for the last two weeks have been able to cheat on defense by pressuring the 3 pointer, forcing Duke to take contested 3s. Duke's strength is in the dribble-drive, kick, open 3 sequence, which is most effective when the defense actually believes that a dribble-driver is a threat.

    Gerald Henderson is now that threat, and I envision the WVU defense collapsing on G in the lane as he kicks out to Paulus and Scheyer for a rain of 3s.

    Supporting evidence: WVU is 205th in the nation in 3pt defense, allowing 35.6% from beyond the arc... worse than Belmont's 34.8 percent (150th in the nation).

    On the other hand, if we play defense like we did against Belmont, we're not going to beat anyone...

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    One other thought... us FANS have got to focus on WVa... just like the team has to focus on WVa. And, ONLY WVa. Nevermind worrying about any other team in the tournament.

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    Nelson needs to show up

    We need Nelson to bring it Saturday, not mail it in again. We need Zoubek to play like someone 7'1, not 5'11. We need contributions from everyone. We can't expect Scheyer and Henderson to carry the team on both ends, which they did tonight. We need to run our attack and dish offense, and not revert back into a 3 point chuck and duck after dribbling around for 28 seconds.

    And I would love to see some fire from this team. We almost looked like it was a chore to be playing, in contrast to the excitement of the Belmont players and staff. Dawkins, Collins and Wojo looked like they were going to a funeral.

    We'll come out hard on Saturday and get a great win. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

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    Stand Up and Be Loud on Saturday!

    Quote Originally Posted by gep View Post
    One other thought... us FANS have got to focus on WVa... just like the team has to focus on WVa. And, ONLY WVa. Nevermind worrying about any other team in the tournament.
    Agreed, and I hope that some folks who will be at Verizon on Saturday will read this. There will be a whole hell of a lot of WVA fans there for our game (as there were tonight), and we need to at least try to match them in intensity and enthusiasm

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    Play DUKE BASKETBALL. It's as easy as that.

    Or so you would think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feldspar View Post
    Play DUKE BASKETBALL. It's as easy as that.

    Or so you would think.
    Looks like we are both guilty of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumbo View Post
    Looks like we are both guilty of that.
    Guilty of what

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    Quote Originally Posted by feldspar View Post
    Guilty of what
    Assuming that such a thing as "Duke basketball" either exists or is sufficient enough of an explanation of how to win.

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    I think we need to be more aggressive driving to the basket vs WVU.

    A positive to take from tonight is we have different players stepping up. So, perhaps now it is time for Markie and Kyle to do their damage. Afterall. that was a strength (multiple options) earlier in the season. If anything, tonight showed we have many offecsive options to beat you.

    Hard to imagine now, but my gut says we win by 9 saturday.

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