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    Pitt beats Georgetown

    Pitts gets it done- winning 4 in a row and the Big East tourney - although those conference events apparently don't matter to some fans. They could be a tough out.

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    That win was HUGE as a Pitt fan. Pitt has the look of a team that can go places in March, they have just figured out how to make plays at the end of close games. As long as they can hang with whoever they play for 38 minutes, they're gonna own the final 2

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    free throws

    They missed 17 free throws IN THE SECOND HALF Pitt did I mean. How the heck do you figure this team in your bracket.

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    So we played the conference champions of the Big East, Big 10, Ivy League, A-10, and very nearly the WAC. Not bad SOS after all.

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    Hoya/Duke fan here - very impressed with Pitt last night. Getting Fields back has been huge for the Panthers, and Blair is a very difficult matchup. Because of its decline mid-season, Pitt won't get a high seed, but they can beat anyone. I think they are the 4-6 seed no one wants to face.

    Georgetown didn't play terribly; they just got beat, and convincingly, especially on the boards.

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    If only Pitt could play the entire NCAA Tournament in Madison Square Garden. They'd be national champs.

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