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Thread: how about

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    how about

    paulus = hurley
    mcbob = laettner
    g hen = g hill
    scheyer = collins - 3 years
    marty = t hill
    lance = a lang
    z = cherokee

    heh? heh?!!

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    Yes, crazy. In most cases, the current guys don't match up well at all. But, as K would say, let them run their own race.

    I think Duke will be a 3 seed or low 2 seed next year (2008), and I'll be shocked if Duke isn't one of the championship favorites in 2009.

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    If McBob comes back.

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    Even without. Duke has more help on the way in the pipeline.

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    As much as help on the way... the current guys will be the junior/senior leaders with the experience... and that should count for a lot.

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