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    Marty Pocius

    Hi, new to the board. Been reading it for a long time, but wanted to make a comment, so I joined up.

    Am I only in not seeing the huge deficits that Marty has? I mean, if you say it is a defensive problem, how much worse could he be than the awful defense we have displayed for the last 4-5 games? If you are concerned about turnovers, to whom do you compare him? At least his turnovers are errors of commision and not ommision. He is going to the hoop and loses the ball from time to time, but it doesn't lead to a layup at the other end as Scheyer and Paulus's turnovers generally do. Don't get me started on D-Marc's. Those are just attrocious. I have to wonder if we wouldn't be better off losing some players to remove the learned ability to lose over the last year. Once players get used to losing, it becomes easier and easier to do.

    Anyway, if you are gonna lose the same way over and over, you might as well be entertaining and exciting, which Pocious is.

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    First of all, welcome. And I completely agree with every word you wrote in your first post! Excellent!

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    Great Post.
    However, the answers to your questions are going to hard to find.

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    Ditto Chris

    I have been singing his praises since day one. And many don't like me for it. Too bad. I am not intimidated. You are now a member of growing legion of DUKE fans who thinks Marty should be playing a LOT more. Welcome on board, and speak loudly my friend!

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    just watching marty cheer from the sidelines lets you know how much he cares and how well he could do if given the same chances paulus (no disrespect) has had.

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    Marty for president in my mind! It's amazing people would criticize his defense when all you hear from announcers is how bad Duke can't stay in front of defenders. So all those who used..."Marty doesn't have his defense down yet"....can kiss it. His offense in the NCSU game and tonight could very well make up for it! Marty....stick around, keep giving that heart, and hopefully good things will come to you!!! You play with heart and a Duke player is supposed to!

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    After the NC State game, I would have thought he earned more minutes. I just don't get it.

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    I couldn't agree more. His defense couldn't be worse than Scheyer's. Frankly, I don't understand the enormouse difference in playing time.

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    The issue, I think, is not with Marty's defensive ability, but rather with his capability to play well within the Duke defensive system. I have noticed Marty being able to mark quick opponents, and I have noticed him being lost on defense as well.

    In tonight's game, Marty not covering his responsibility was a key part of one of their 3-pointers in the second half. It was a good example of what I understand people saying as "Marty's defensive liability" - his issues are not when he is on the ball, but when he is off the ball.

    That being said, his offense has so much potential it makes me cry. I really hope to see him playing a lot more.


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    Quote Originally Posted by garyp View Post
    I couldn't agree more. His defense couldn't be worse than Scheyer's. Frankly, I don't understand the enormouse difference in playing time.
    Yep. Over the past few games, I kinda thought Scheyer had maybe entered the Federal witness protection program. I'm looking for his picture on a milk carton here soon. Maybe it's just his shot that went AWOL. At any rate, why not give Marty a chance ? At least his fundamentals seem sound and he is obviously more athletic than Scheyer. Don't get me wrong; when Sheyer is hot, he is REAL hot, but when he's not, he's REALLY not. Marty goes to the hoop much better as well. That talent is significantly more dependable than the "J".

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