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    Insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over and expecting a different result, right? Considering how this was the same old Duke we've seen all season, it would have been a surprise only if we had won tonight.

    My real concern is not that this year wasn't as good as others, but that I'm not certain it will get much better. I remember when we saved our best basketball for March. Where did that go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hurleyfor3 View Post
    Insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over and expecting a different result, right?
    So that's why I read all these threads about Zoubek and K allegedly mismanaging the rotation. I'm touched in the head.

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    the season isn't over

    The women have a great shot to win it all.

    And, as far as the men's team goes, I remember a very wise man (actually, I think it was Lefty Driesell), saying, "the sun don't shine on the same dog's *** every day."

    If this is a horrible season, we are spoiled. I love watching these kids.

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    We finished 22-11. A frustrating season, but not too bad in the larger scheme. I'm proud to have these guys representing Duke and must express my thanks to them for all of the things they do off the court that make the lives of a lot people brighter by their presence.

    Thanks for your effort, guys. Tough year, but a lot of us are grateful to have you at our school. It's a game, so next play, but your legacy is how you conducted yourself off the court. Well done.

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    One difficult season...

    Yikes, in a word. A winnable game gone awry by stubborn refusal to make defensive adjustments, clanking free throws, and spotty ball handling. I'll break it down like this:

    -A leader emerged. In a game where he was severely challenged, knocked around the floor, and baited by a GAME OFFICIAL, Paulus continued to show his passion and leadership. Yes, he's a below average on the ball defender. Yup, clanked some free throws. But his spirit is Duke basketball. Hopefully he's a bridge to the next great run.
    -G, Marty, and Scheyer all showed flashes of great things.
    -Through much of the year, our team rebounding was far superior (aside from just depending on Shel) to previous years.
    -Josh did a great deal well in many games, particularly defensively. Not sure what happened against Costner in the ACC tourney, but hey, everyone has a bad game.

    THE BAD:
    -Josh had consistency problems, particularly offensively. How much of this is his fault and how much is the staff's fault for not finding him a consistent role is open to debate.
    -Perimeter quickness is an obvious problem, not only in stopping the ball but in penetrating. Tonight, Greg was able to get through the rather porous VCU one-on-one defense (their traps were effective, their one-on-one defense in many cases downright awful) and had no idea how to distribute the ball after drawing multiple defenders. This is a direct result of his lack of penetration skills during the season.
    -For the first time in forever, a Duke team had significant problems scoring.
    -Free throw shooting was abysmal by Duke standards. The biggest factor here was the loss of JJ, who could be counted on to go 10 for 11 for about the last 3 seasons. Those points add up.

    -Josh is gone.
    -As much as I admire K, there are times I really scratch my head at what he's doing defensively. There had to be a better way to play that last possession. Obviously, this team wasn't built to play the classic Duke overplay and recover man to man. While we did play zone at various parts of the season, it was often to rest players or avoid foul trouble, not get stops.
    -While Jon and G will improve, Z is a project, and Lance either needs to get way stronger or become a Robert Brickey type provoceteur. PP is a longshot. Singler isn't a bruiser. Where are the rebounds going to come from next year with Josh sitting on the bench in Indiana or Golden State?
    -Even worse, the Holes are steamrolling toward the Final Four, likely putting a pasting on the other half of my chat handle in the process (I know many are saying MSU will give UNC problems, but no matter what Izzo pulls, the gap in personnel is simply too large).

    Can someone please try and talk me down here?

    Here's hoping Pitt throttles VCU. I don't want to hear about this in the press for a week (I know the kid had 22 points and the game winner, but he wasn't the only reason VCU won, plus his behavior throughout the game was less than classy). If Pitt handles them, they'll have had their moment and that will help me heal, anyway.


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    That this season could be labled "a huge disappointment" is strong testimony to just how spoiled we've become.

    Our "huge disappointment" gave us a #6 seed in the dance - better than all but 23 other teams in the country.

    We're spoiled - perhaps this season (and a couple more like it) will help us appreciate what we have here.


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