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    I have watched a ton of college basketball games this year, and I've yet to see a game where I thought a team intentionally tried to get 2 shots versus one shot for the opponent in the last 45-65 seconds of a first half or the end of a game. I have seen a couple of games where a team in possession did take a shot with 40 seconds or more on the shot clock, but in those cases, I didn't feel that was the direct intention of the offensive team. Simply, an easy, uncontested shot opened up, and they took it. I don't understand why teams do not attempt to get a 2 for 1 offensive possession situation?

    For example, there is 1 minute remaining before halftime when the blue team gets a defensive rebound. Why wouldn't they get into their offense as soon as possible, and try to get a good shot before the game clock dipped under 40 seconds, or in other words, within 20 seconds? That way, they are assured of getting one more offensive possession before the game's end. Almost all of the time, I see teams try to run as much time off the clock as they can, which puts them at 25-35 seconds to go in the half before even attempting a shot. Many, many times I have seen the blue team in this example call a time out, then come out of the time out and run the shot clock down as far as they can before shooting. After the shot, the red team gets the rebound, or the ball out of bounds after a goal or turnover and runs out the clock before the game's end or halftime before taking the final shot. No second shot for the blue team, no 2 for 1. Can someone explain why this is not a standard thing to do in a college basketball game?


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    I say run a play at about 55 seconds, shooting at between 45-50 seconds.

    One game this weekend was particularly galling, and I was shouting at the screen.

    The coach didn't listen.

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    I certainly agree with the preceding posts, and believe the answer is that most teams do a fairly poor job of clock management. When even some of the announcers get it, I wonder why more coaches don't.

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    I've been puzzled by this as well. Duke used to do this if I remember correctly. I wonder why Coach K has moved away from it.

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