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Thread: very sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by mapei View Post
    There's some truth to that, but I have to say that it just doesn't seem K's style to be a post-oriented team on offense. He doesn't seem to recruit for that, at least since Brand and Boozer.
    A species must adapt...or die (in the first round of the conference and NCAA tournaments).

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    Free Throws, TOs, no stops, no post entry, see ya

    -I don't care how tired guys are, make your free throws

    -Had we gone zone, they would have crushed us. When we played it for 2 minutes, they knocked down 1 and took a few others that were wide open.

    -How did the coaching staff not set up some high lows or other isolations to get McRoberts the ball in the post. He could have scored 30.

    -This game was the same as the rest of this very very frustrating year...missed free throws, turnovers, offensive chaos, can't get a big stop

    -I know it was a little confusing, but how is Scheyer guarding the guy who killed us all night on the last play?

    The one big plus...he may be flawed, but Paulus is a true Duke player. The kid has STONES. He really showed me something these past few games, I'll go to war with him anytime.

    What a frustrating season...swept by Maryland...swept by UNC...4 game losing streak to end the season. But, they tried hard and kept their heads up...I don't know how, but they did.

    If Coach doesn't win the Tournament of the Americas this summer, he's going to be a little cranky come October.

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