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    Wallace Wade book

    Hi all, long time reader, first time poster.

    Not sure if this is appropriate--moderators please feel free to remove this post if not.

    I just wanted to mention that the book about Wallace Wade by Lewis Bowling mentioned above was published by Carolina Academic Press, located just a few scenic blocks off Duke campus (and home to not a few former Dukies!).

    I believe the author has set up a table to sell the books at some past home football games, but if anyone is interested, I've set up a 10% internet discount and free shipping for the book ($22.50 plus tax if you're in NC). You can just go to Wallace Wade book page and use the coupon code "DBR08" at the order form to get free shipping. Any problems/questions feel free to email/PM me. If anyone is interested in any of the other Duke-related books (including one by Willing King--Duke archivist mentioned a couple of posts ago), feel free to email or PM me.

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    wade book

    I'd like to chip in and recommend Bowling's book. If you are a Duke fan, it's a nice reminder of how good Duke used to be in football -- there was a 10-year period (I think 1933-42) when Duke won more games than than any other team in college football.

    Bowling's book is split -- half traces Wade's career at Alabama, the other half follows him to Duke.

    It's fun to get the details on that era.

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    Read Wallace Wade by Bowling

    Bowling's book is a good read! I grew up hearing about the great Wallace Wade from my Dad. When I worked at the Duke Library as a student in the 70's, I used to sneak down in the stacks and read the old Durham Morning Heralds about the team's exploits.

    It is somewhat astonishing to me that a sports figure of Wade's caliber never had a book written about him until now. I mean, this guy was on the cover of Time Magazine. He was a giant of his era. the book!

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    Wade and his wife retired to his beloved farm in Bahama, NC. He used to come into town for different events. I remember him being honored by the Durham Sports Club in the early 70's. He lived well into his 80's and died about 1985 or 1986.

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