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    Re: "Just Asking"

    Respecting the question on the main page about who got switched away from the St. Johns game yesterday, I live in central Virginia and CBS switched my station away with about 15 min. to go in the second half. A sizeable lead at that time, but not overwhelmingly massive. I'd actually worked that day so only got home about when the second half began. Thus CBS provided me live about 5 minutes of the game. At least I recorded the first half, and just finished watching that today. True, the Kansas-OK St. game turned out to be a very close and important game, but still...

    And this certainly does not bode well for the upcoming NCAA coverage, although I suppose I won't mind getting switched away all that much if that means commanding leads.

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    I DVR'ed the game, and when I started to watch the replay this morning, the Kentucky game was on at the beginning of the broadcast...with only a few minutes left. (And a close game, if I'm not mistaken.) They switched over to the Duke game at tip-off. I would have been irate if they'd switched over from a 10-point or less difference game, to the start of a new game. That's one thing that's good about ESPN's coverage, they show games in their entirety, for the most part.

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    Living in NC, we managed to miss the 1st 10.5 minutes due to the foul fest of VPI and GaT that would never end. I was more amazed at the contrast between the production and overall quality of RayCom (VPI game) and CBS. On HighDef the Duke game was so clear I could identify anyone sitting in the 1st 10 rows at Cameron - with the VPI game, on the same tv, Goldberg had hair.

    We did get the entire last 3/4 of the Duke game.

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    The game was switched here in Columbia,SC.
    We were NOT happy campers.

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    I got switched on the high def version of the channel - but not on the regular one. never had that happen before.

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    In Stockton, California we were treated to Kansas/OSU for the entire timeslot. Awful.

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    I live in VA just outside DC and I got switched to the Kansas/OkSt. game with just over 14 minutes to go in the 2nd half. Man, was I ticked, since I was watching it on about a 10 minute delay with my DVR. So, I immediately switched over to my NY national feed CBS which had the rest of the game, I guess since SJU is a NY institution, so I only missed about 7 minutes of actual game time. I was still pretty upset to loose that time, though.

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    We were switched in Atlanta. They also switched away from the end of a close UK game. I do not recall any updates of either the UK game or our game while they were showing Kansas.

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    In Philadelphia we got switched early in the second half, with the score (I think) 60-37. This has happened before to us with CBS. At least Kansas/OSU was a good game, but it is frustrating.

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    No Duke love in Seattle; the game wasn't even on the schedule, with the CBS affiliate showing the Kansas game.

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    Angry Switched

    We got switched in DC. I as enjoing watching them have a good time and had no interest in the other game. I kept watch hoping they would switch back at least during time outs but no such luck.

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    Angry Double Whammy --

    The first part of my recording was a tight Kentucky game; I would've been seriously upset had I wanted to watch the end of that game, which was a nail biter. Fortunately, I couldn't care less about the wildcats

    My game got switched to Kansas/OSU (or whoever it was) early in the second half of the Duke game. I live in Western NC.

    Anybody find an address where we can write to politely express our disgruntlement?


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    It was switched in Vermont as well. I was quite annoyed becuase I had planned my afternoon around the Duke game. Not only that, but I can't seem to find any kind of link or phone number to complain to CBS either, funny how that works.

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    Richmond missed both the start and end

    Here in Richmond the regional ACC game between VT and GT cut into the start of the game. I watched the game from about the 11 minute mark until the end of the first half. CBS then switched at about the 15 minute mark of the second half to the Kansas game.

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    I only came in to watch the second half. But in NY I had the entire second half on tv.

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    How does NY get the entire second half but we in ACC country get switched. Wake up, CBS!

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    Switched in South Florida

    The CBS affiliate in Miami-Fort Lauderdale also switched to the Kansas - OK State game.

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    I live in Western North Carolina and was switched to the Kansas/Oklahoma St. game with about 15 minutes left in the 2nd half. Infuriated, I was forced to listen to the rest of the game online.

    In response to VTBaller's comment about not being able to find a place to complain to CBS, you can go to and scroll down to the bottom to Feedback. There's a link on the Feedback form for comments about CBS Sports.
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    No switch here in Wilmington - we do get the Raleigh feed though.

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    Here in the Boston area, we were switched.

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