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    MBB v St John's post-game thread

    Luigi Carnesecca wore no sweaters during the making of this thread.

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    Any chants for Mason Plumlee?

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    Game Thoughts

    Duke played hard and are much better than St. Johns. A nice effort and a good tuneup for Tech. Tech will be a much tougher game though. Thought Zoubek played very well. Henderson showed some flashes of his old self and Smith showed he can step in at any time. Hopefully this game will carry over.

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    Don't want to read too much into drubbing St. Johns, but it sure feels much better than losing.

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    I like the way nolan attacks

    He can score play d, needs to lower the tos but should start, greg is a great shooter and role player, we see that we have another option in driving with smith out there

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    Kansas just lost by 1 on the road to an unranked team

    It really puts our teams two losses into perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madrasdukie View Post
    It really puts our teams two losses into perspective.
    Not to mention the fact that Miami smoked the Terps by 15 this afternoon, suggesting that our 1-point loss there Wednesday night wasn't all about Duke playing poorly.

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    Sounds like Gerald played well. I didn't see any of his dunks because of the CBS decision to switch to a different game. That's a whole different thread.

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    Henderson played well

    He, Smith, and Zoubek got us going. Gerald was looking for his shot, and made some very tough jumpers.

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    CBS shifted mid stream

    I got to see a little over one half before CBS shifted over to Kansas. Kind of funny since in the northeast, I would think 75 percent of the audience would prefer St. John and Duke. Isn't it strange that CBS Sports has no e-mail address where one can write in a complaint. At least ESPN usually sticks with one game.

    Lots of interesting things went on in this game. Paulus had a very poor first half and McClure didn't get much playing time. Since I followed the game on ESPN game tracker in the second half, I couldn't get much of a feel for what happened there.

    Nolan Smith played very well, provided good defense, distributed the ball well and is a threat to score either with the drive, jump shot or three.

    Scheyer had a terrific first half but his name hardly came up in the second half. No idea why that was the case.

    Zoubek had a great game for him (9 pts, 12 rebounds). I was rooting for him to get the double double.

    Henderson showed his shot is back and he was strong in the first half. Again, I didn't see too many mentions for him in the second.

    Singler had another terrific game. He is so versitile and does it all.

    Thomas played hard and well and is becoming a solid presence on the court.

    Nelson played very well and King played hard but wasn't all that effective.

    Are we seeing a change in the lineup developing with Zoubek and Nolan getting more time and Paulus and McClure getting less?

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    Several take aways from today's game:

    1.) Our bench scored 38 points: Henderson 13, Smith 13, Zoubek 11, and King 1.

    2.) Post presence: Zoubek had a double-double of 13 rebounds and 11 points.

    3.) Nolan Smith continues to mature game-by-game.

    The next course of action is to finish out the regular season strong.
    Bob Green
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    Henderson will need surgery on his wrist

    Coach in his pregame interviews stated it after the season, man I hope he continues to attack, if the shoots dont fall he still draws the fouls

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    I definitely think you'll see more Zoubek and less McClure, as long as Brian plays like he has the last two games. Smith versus Paulus is a harder call. Paulus was just very bad today. He's usually much better than that. Very nice to have two such good point guards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saratoga2 View Post
    Isn't it strange that CBS Sports has no e-mail address where one can write in a complaint.

    The President of CBS Sports is a Duke grad.
    Bob Green
    DBR Survivor Football Champion
    2010 & 2016

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    ESPN radio screwup

    ESPN radio Sportscenter gave the update as:

    "Duke loses by THIRTY to St. Johns in Cameron. Yikes!"


  16. I called it...

    I said that Duke needed to win by 30 with a score of 90-60 for this win to be legit. We came close: 86-56.

    I know that Singler was selected as the Player of the Game, however, the true Player of the Game was Zoubs. Incredible. An emphatic double-double. He was the most crisp and most agile as I've ever seen him. And he played strong and was never passive. Could be a huge trend for us down the stretch if he continues to play that well.

    GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. An interesting note from the commentators

    I indicated in a earlier post that I think it's possible that Duke can go deep in the tourney due to their scoring balance. My thoughts were confirmed today by a revelation from one of the commentators. He stated that seven of the national champions in NCAA play have had five players to average double-figure scoring - and three of those teams were Duke!!

    GO DUKE!!!

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    This game helps,but does not indicate that we are going to make a run from here. If Zoubek can continue to improve that will be a plus. And if Gerald can stay accurate in field goal shooting that is crucial. DeMarcus will be going to the foul line. He might hurt us if he can't convert.Greg can't have any more poor games. We have Nolan,but we need Greg to use better judgement for the rest of this season.

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    Being out here in KU land, I didn't see so much as a second of the game today . . . and I'm a bit confused by the posts regarding Henderson. Did he look for his jumper today? Did he hit with his jumper? Did he look better than he has lately? But he will need surgery on his wrist?

    Could someone breaks down his game today for me?

    By the way, I was watching via game trackers and it was great to see the stats pile up for Zoubek.

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    Can we see the entire game/

    Is there any way to see the half of the game taken away by CBS? I really want to see how the team is developing and CBS took that opportunity away from me.

    And I really don't feel like participating in our normal post-game discussions or voting for the man-of-the match without seeing the whole game.

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