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Thread: Positive Karma

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    Positive Karma

    Less than 22 hours until tip off. Let's build some positive Karma.

    I really like this team. They play hard every play. The passion has been there all season. Some of my favorite plays . . .

    DeMarcus and the break-away dunk, in the game at BC when he broke away from two defenders. Awesome, baby! The entire first half at BC . . .

    Josh had three plays in the second half against NC State, in the ACC tournament. He passed to Greg, and cut to the basket, Greg passed back and Josh dunked behind his back. Later (next play?), Josh posted up, sealed off, and took a pass from DeMarcus(?) and laid it up. Then his determined drive and jam starting from the top of the key, when he just decided to take it home and take no prisoners.

    DeMarcus stuffed Handsblahblahnoseface in Cameron. DeMark went straight up, strong, and just stopped him.

    McClure's layup versus Clemson. Clock be damned, that was a great play.

    Versus the Zag's in the Garden, Greg diving under press row for a loose ball. A little scary, but exemplified his will in that game and indeed all season.

    I'm sure you guys can think of many more.

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    how about the first half against st john's, now that was impressive

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    the first half at clemson - the most impressive we've looked all season to me, in what was a must-win game for them.

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