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    REMINDER - Scalping is PROHIBITED on this board!

    If you attempt to scalp tickets - that is, sell them for significantly more than face value - using either a post on this board or using the Private Message system from this board, you will be cited for scalping, which carries an automatic 15-point penalty. That will result in an immediate one month ban from the boards. And unlike most citations, those points will never expire, so any future citations will result in a permanent ban.

    And, just to be clear, "face value" does NOT include a pro-rated portion of your Iron Dukes contribution. Using this excuse to justify charging a buyer $300 per ticket will get you cited just as quickly.

    Trying to "reclaim" what you paid for tickets, if it is above face, is scalping and prohobited.

    In sum: Tickets cannot be offered for sale here for more than face value (and a few dollars for shipping).
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    Scapling Reminder

    Offering to sell tickets for above face value (and a small shipping charge) is scalping. We do not tolerate that here.

    Scalping will result in 15 points, a week long ban, and the points never expire.

    If anyone receives an offer to sell that's above face, please bring it to my attention. If anyone solicits an offer and then doesn't accept face value, please bring it to my attention.


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