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    Can't These Guys Count?

    I caught the last few minutes of Wisconsin's home game against the remains of Tommy Amaker's former Michigan team tonight. Besides noticing how bad Michigan was (one player scored half their points tonight), I was struck by the end of game strategy by Michigan-- Wisconsin hit a 3-pointer to take a 4-point lead with ~25 seconds left in the game; Michigan brought the ball up somewhat leisurely, and then two consecutive players drove inside the 3-point arc (where they were at best, loosely guarded), only to then awkwardly step back outside the arc to attempt closely guarded 3-point shots (which of course they missed).

    It seems to me that neither team seemed to understand that Michigan should have attempted to score an easy 2-pointer as quickly as possible, and then tried to foul or steal the ball; similarly, Wisconsin should have avoided the possibility of a foul on a 3-point shot (presenting the possibility of a 4-point play), while vigorously contesting any high percentage 2-point shots. Both teams seemed to have it in their mind to get (or prevent) a 3-point shot, when it was abundantly clear that a 3-point field goal was no more helpful (and probably less helpful, if taken at the expense of a quick layup) than a 2-point attempt. Why aren't two teams coached by two allegedly top-shelf coaches better schooled than this?

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    Probably because both teams are very young

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