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    Maryland/UNC games

    I for one am pumped up to see how we perform in these games. I think we've got a big revenge factor going against Maryland, and I thinkw we'll perform well.

    However, I am really pumped up for the UNC game. They're going to be at home, highly favored, and probably need a win to clinch the ACC regular season and likely a #1 seed in the NCAA's. We can play free and easy with not that much to lose. I've got a very good feeling about that game.

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    This week - maryland and unc

    A win against maryland and unc both will have commentators talking about Duke making the final four. A far cry from 2 weeks ago. It's a tall task to accomplish, but we need to take it one possession at a time. I think it is possible.


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    I don't know that we won't have much to lose. No matter what, the game is rarely a "free and easy" game due to the rivalry, but even more that that we may still be in the hunt for a 4 seed in the ACC tourney, and fighting for a higher seed in the NCAA tourney. I haven't looked at the math after this weekend, but what needs to happen (other than our likely need to beat both MD and UNC) to get a top 4 seed? I'd love for the team to get the extra day of rest/lack of an extra game.

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    I agree that we should take it one 4-minute segment at a time. Sunday's game gave me real hope that we can beat Maryland here. If we can start out with the stifling defense we used in the first half against St. John's, AND we can weather the inevitable comeback that they will mount (may be in 2nd half, maybe earlier), we can do it. Although St. John's made a run, I really don't think we were ever in serious danger of losing (those who disagree, please post). Our guys are much calmer in that circumstance than they have been in the past.

    So let's try our hardest to support the team. Those of us who will be there in the ethereal seats (i.e., upstairs) PLEASE stand and cheer. There are about 20 of us who do it routinely, and it gets lonely... let's not make the students have to yell "Stand up!" I think we can do it on our own!

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    4 seed

    As far as I can see, the only way we get a 4 seed is if we win out and BC loses at GA Tech. Certainly possible, but not an outcome I'd like to see because it means we meet BC in the quarters and despite our wins against them I feel like they'd play their hearts out to finally beat us. I'd much rather play uva or vatech in the quarters.

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