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    Which would you rather have?

    it's just an interesting question that came across my mind, and i can't even decide myself....... so which would you rather have?

    1.) duke beats north carolina 4 times in one year (at duke, at carolina, acc tournament, and they meet in the NCAA tourney & duke wins) and duke wins an ACC regular season title, and they win an ACC regular season title, along with a player on the squad that's named the national player of the year.

    2.) they lose to carolina 3 times, no ACC title in any way, and no POY's... but they win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

    ... i just can't choose...... i think i'd take #1, because beating carolina & those other accomplishments are amazing. but then again #2 choice is so intruiging because i'd like to at least be tied w/ carolina on the national champs banners.

    whaddya think?

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    Give me number two all the way!

    That doesn't sound very good.

    Anyway, your second option, in short, says: Laugh all you want UNC (at your wins), but DUKE GETS THE LAST - and loudest - LAUGH!


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    I'll take the national title any day and twice on Sunday...

    Scenario #2 is very similar to having us win the national title last year. If we played Carolina again in the ACC tourney, I'm confident we probably would've come up short a 3rd time.

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    National Title - No Question

    At the end of the day, it's THE CHIP that matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Classof06 View Post
    I'll take the national title any day and twice on Sunday...
    i'll take it twice every day.

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    Anyone remember 1991?

    We lost to UNC-CH by 20 (22?) in the ACC Championship that year.

    I'll take a repeat of 1991 any day.

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    was just gonna mention 1991

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    I don't think that anything beats a National Championship. And how sweet it would be if we Carolina in the game after they had beaten us three times, and we win! Perfect. I think I will go and fix an adult beverage to celebrate the thought.

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    I think I'd prefer...

    A Duke team that demoralizes, humiliates and crushes all opponents by 30+ a game looking elegant and dashing while they stick in and twist the knife on the way to a 10th consecutive undefeated season to be capped with another National Championship. (ho-hum)

    That would be fun.

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    This is a trick question because...

    I will take number 1 AND the National Championship.

    If both teams are in opposite brackets they won't meet until the national championship game.

    I don't know how many of you recall this but Kansas beat UNC in the 1991 nat'l semis.

    There were several articles discussing how devasting it would be to lose the nat'l championship game to your bitter rival. I believe players and coaches form both Duke and UNC hinted that it was almost a good thing that UNC and Duke did not play for the title in 1991.

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    Ya I don't think people care that we lost to UNC in Cameron in 2001 but won the title but destroyed UNC the next year everytime but didn't reach the final four.

    So number 2 for me.

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    I would seriously consider giving up our next basketball NC if we could win an ACC football title.

    Sorry for the sideshow, at least I kept the spirit of the thread alive.

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