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    This evening's episode of "The Quarantine Adventures of T-Bone and The Drewsk": We find the intrepid pair searching the neighborhood for their youngest brother who was having an anxiety crisis. Brother was found and, with an assist from Paddies on the phone, decided to come home.

    The current setup we are living in can do that to a person. I know...

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    Quote Originally Posted by YmoBeThere View Post
    The current setup we are living in can do that to a person. I know...
    Yep, walking a tightrope with my youngest right now. Just gotta get him through the next 3 days then school will be over for the summer. Don't know what we'll do next but school is the source of 95% of his anxiety. All his courses are pass/fail right now and he just has to turn in enough assignments to pass. Fingers crossed.

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    Hoping he finishes it out well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aimo View Post
    I thought that happened when the CLINTONS left office and took all of W's Ws.
    Derp! Of course...

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