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    RIP HOF Pitcher, Gaylord Perry.

    Gaylor Perry has passed away at the ripe old age of 84. Gaylord was best known for using the spit ball and he was not shy about it. He even wrote a book about it in 1974. Perry was a member of Baseballs HOF, was an All-Star 5 times, won 314 games and only 24 pitchers can claim that. In 1968 he pitched a no-hitter against my St. Louis Cardinals. Gaylor signed with the Giants in 1962 and went on to play for 8 teams in 23 years.

    Prayers for his family.

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    I was sad to see this, and it had a slightly personal touch. Both the Perrys and Catfish Hunter pitched in the same conference as my high school in eastern North Carolina. I have no recollection of what our record was against them, but I expect it was not very good.

    Prayers to his family and friends.

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