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    Degenerate Golfers: FedEx Cup Playoffs

    After a 2 year hiatus we are back with a Degenerate Contest for the PGA FedEx Cup playoffs.

    Quick background:

    The PGA FedEx Cup playoffs are a 3 tournament event that start 8/11 with the FedEx St. Jude Championship and conclude 8/28 with the Tour Championship. 125 (potentially 128, depending on the pending LIV injunction) players are invited to the FedEx St. Jude, 70 make the BMW next week, and only 30 make the Tour Championship, based on accumulated FedEx Cup points. For the Tour Championship, FedEx cup points are turned to stroke advantages, so the leader in FedEx Cup points starts out 10 under par, second place starts 8 under par, etc. Winner of the Tour Championship wins the Fed Ex cup. More details can be found here.

    The contest:

    For our contest, some rules will be familiar, but with wrinkles for the playoffs underlined below:

    1. Select a team of as many golfers as the "salary cap" allows. Unlike our Majors contests, you will pick your team before the FedEx St Jude and will keep the same team for the entire playoffs, so pick wisely! Once the St Jude begins, there will be no replacements for injuries, disqualifications, etc.

    2. The salary cap is 30 points. However, just as the FedEx Cup rewards season long performance, our 4 Major winners this year (Ultey, Rogue, JasonEvans, mr. synellinden) and our season long money list winner (tbyers11) will have salary caps of 32.

    3. Each player's "cost" against the salary cap is their OWGR points total rounded down. So, Scottie Scheffler "costs" 10, Cam Smith 9, Rory 8, etc.

    4. Anyone whose OWGR points is less than 2, costs 2. In other words, no player in the field costs less than 2.

    5. You can pick any player in the field - it's not a draft, so in theory you could have the exact same team as someone else.

    6. Your final score is based on the total money won by all the players on your team across all three events, including FedEx prize money which is the purse for the Tour Championship.

    I will tabulate scores at the conclusion of each tournament and also send out updates at the end of each round during the Tour Championship.

    Good luck!

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    Wow! This seems like it will be a lot of work. Thanks for putting this together.

    Am I correct in assuming that the first of the three tournaments starts this Thursday?
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    Team Synellinden

    I love this format and I appreciate the extra two points to work with. It will be fun to follow the same group for a few weeks (hopefully). And I'm curious to see the strategy others use.

    Here's my team:

    Scheffler - 10
    McIlroy - 8
    Thomas - 6
    Matsuyama - 4
    Cam Young - 4
    Singler is IRON

    I STILL GOT IT! -- Ryan Kelly, March 2, 2013

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