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    Jaylen Blakes appreciation thread

    With the announcement that he is entering the transfer portal, I thought it would be appropriate to start a discussion of just what this guy has meant to the team in the past three years.

    I need to think on it a bit myself, so I donít really have much to say that is all that eloquent yet. I just know he gave every ounce of energy he had every single time he stepped on the floor. If you donít admire that I donít know what you can admire.
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    Thank you, Jaylen, and hope you find a landing place where you excel!

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    Best of luck to you Jaylen, and thank you for your contributions. You definitely positively impacted many games.

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    Part of me wishes Jaylen couldíve gotten a senior night since heís graduating. He certainly deserves it. Heíll go in history as one of two scholarship guys to play for both K and Scheyer, and his contributions to this team were invaluable even if they didnít always show up on the scoreboard.

    Jaylen, you represented Duke incredibly well in 3 years. And now youíre a Duke alumnus, so youíre stuck with us forever. Congratulations young manÖ some other program is going to get a major diamond in the rough.
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    His broken nose last year seemed to derail his season. Ah, the what-ifs.

    Good luck, Jaylen!


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    Never once had to doubt this man's effort. Best of luck to you in wherever you land. Thank you for everything you gave for Duke.

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    Effort and heart and a Duke degree. Good luck Jaylen!
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    Coach K always liked to have at least one twelve letter compound word guy on the team. Jaylen played that role quite a few times when Duke needed a lift. Just a dawg on defense. He'll be missed for sure.

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    Jalen is avery tough customer. When he was on the floor our defense was visibly more energetic and effective. Hood luck, Jaylen!

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    Thanks Jaylen! Go be great somewhere else now. Will be rooting for you. You deserve to be a starter.

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    I echo all in wishing Blakes the best in future endeavors. He was an energetic defender.
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    Thank you Jaylen, for all of your time time and play at Duke. We could always count on you to give your best effort.

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    Jaylen was such a hell-raiser in the very best sense of that term, and a fan favorite. I will be pulling for you wherever you end up. Go be great.
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    Thank you

    Jaylen is going to be a Duke graduate so he deserves another major program as a landing spot.

    This may be inappropriate, but Kentucky probably needs people.

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    I hate to see Jaylen leave. He gave his heart and soul to Duke every game! He is the kind of player, even though his stats were not big, his heart and effort was! Good luck wherever you land Jaylen. I will miss you!

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    Best of Luck to Jaylen

    Jaylen always gave it his all. By all accounts, he is an excellent student and a great teammate. I join everyone else here in wishing him all the best next year and for the rest of his life.

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    Thank you so much, Jaylen Blakes! You were an absolute joy to watch over the past three seasons. One of the best defenders weíve had in quite some time! You brought great enthusiasm and energy to this basketball program!

    My best wishes to you as you continue your journey!

    On a side note, I must express my displeasure at some of the regulars here who dismissed Jaylen from time to time. He was far more valuable to this team than a few DBR citizens realize.

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    If the more talented players that have populated the Duke roster played with his determinationÖ Duke would be the Duke that opponents used to bring fear.

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    Thanks Jaylen! Great attitude. And you always left it all out on the court. Much respect. A member of the brotherhood for life. Hope to see you coaching someday!

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    I just loved that, with Jaylen and Ryan, you always knew you'd get 100% effort. Thanks for that. I know you'll be a success in whatever you do.

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