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    For me, it really took until this year’s tournament to realize what a huge hurdle Scheyer has faced by having so many young players compared to the rest of the country. Plus all of the injuries we have had exacerbated the issue. I watched games in the NCAAs with family who do not do it regularly watch and multiple times they would say “wow that guy looks like he’s 30!”- and they definitely were not talking about Duke’s players.

    All of that is to say Jon did an excellent job given his roster but he needs to figure out how to get the team more experience while still recruiting 5-stars. Maybe the disparity will decrease with the COVID-affected players finally extinguishing eligibility. Otherwise, everyone needs to recalibrate expectations back to the pre-OAD days when quality experience usually trumped young talent.

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    I have no problem with this season except for the loss at home to North Carolina. if we had won that game. or the one at Carolina, this would have been a superior season. We just were not competitive in either game we played with our rival. Getting to the elite eight almost made up but awful losses to Carolina unfortunately defined this season.

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    Scheyer gets an A- from me for the first 2 seasons. I had no idea what to expect last year but he's off to a good start so far.

    We get Cooper Flagg and Khaman Maluach next year, I'm excited for Scheyer's best year yet in Year 3.

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