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Thread: RIP Toby Keith

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    Quote Originally Posted by bundabergdevil View Post
    Hah hah! Wasnít even a next key typo! Solid two away typo! 2005.
    These things happen when youíre tripping!

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    As the resident country aficionado here, I have deep thoughts here. It is hard to put him in perspective. At some level my feelings about him are tainted by his his massive right wing turn later in his career. I have no love for someone who calls themselves a patriot, but would say that I am not. But he also had a very successful career. Never did I feel like he was a top 5-10 country artist, even during his halcyon days. If he were a baseball player I think he would be former Cardinal Jim Edmonds. Edmonds made routine plays look spectacular because of how little ground he could actually cover in centerfield. That isn't the stuff of the hall of fame. Jim Edmonds is the poster child for being a first ballot inductee into the Hall of Very Good. Toby Keith is that to me.

    I'm saying he was very good. I enjoyed watching Jim Edmonds make absolutely crazy diving catches in the outfield. But I also think Andruw Jones is camped under those balls for a full second and they are routine plays.

    He has some very good songs. At times you could see greatness from where he was standing, but he just didn't have greatness in him.

    I also could have called him Thomas Kincade. Thomas Kinkade is a very talented painter. But he ain't no artist.
    The Jim Edmonds vs Andrew Jones analogy made me chuckle and Iíd say sums it up pretty well. I might steal that one if thatís ok. As a fellow Oklahoman who definitely felt for Natalie Maines during that whole debacle I chose to remember him by playing Cryin For Me (Waymonís Song) which I thought was a beautiful tribute to a great Sooner.

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