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    Suzanne Somers died Sunday

    Not really my cup of tea but she was an icon in my teenage years and her passing is notable. She fought off cancer for years.

    My favorite memory of her is the blonde in the T-bird in American Graffiti. Just something about the one that got away without you ever meeting her. Sounds stupid I suppose, but I'm sorry if you've never experienced it.

    Past is gone, thou canst not that recall; Future is not, may not be at all;
    Present is, [so] improve the flying hour; Present only is within thy power. - Friar Park Clock Tower [author unknown]

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    She once said that for a person who became famous for playing the stupidest blonde on the block, she was pretty darned smart.
    That short cameo in American Graffiti is what got her an audition for Three's Company, and the rest is history.

    Mock the thigh master all you want, but she sold literally millions of them and was the CEO of the company, apparently.

    Not my cup of tea, either, but a very successful person who apparently battled cancer for a long time before her death.

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