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Looks to be about 1,137 fans in attendance today in Stoors.
It was more than that, but it had a Franks-Roof feeling to it. Concessions were much better than the game, and a tailgater would love the potential of that parking lot with a good team. The scoreboard had an excellent update of other games (hint, hint, Duke) but only if you could figure out the abbreviations. Things like UCL 7 UTA 14 aren't obvious. I'm glad the ulnar collateral ligament got on the board against TX-Arlington.

A reasonable number of Duke fans although I wonder why we play games in that Tri-State when Duke alums really don't ever go Army, UConn, Rutgers (before my time). It's not a football recruiting hot bed. Any 4-5* player from that area Duke wants is probably going to choose ND or sometimes PSU.

I'm glad the weather man was wrong. Duke had the game won by halftime (and probably halfway through the 2nd) when it became unpleasant. I can't take too much away from this game.

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The refs are idiots.
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Shouldn’t that guy have to leave the field ?
It was our old friend, Jerry Magallanes (Miami 2015), although most of that crew has moved on. I've been wanting him to leave the field since 2006.