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Thread: RIP Willis Reed

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    RIP Willis Reed

    His playing career was unfortunately slightly before my time but as a lifelong Knicks fan I will always admire him. His return from injury in the 1970 finals was one of the great moments in NBA history, and he was a great under-sized center in an era of great big men. From everything I have heard he was also a very good person.

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    RIP Willis Reed - one of my childhood heroes. I attended many of the games that year with my HS G.O. card before I left for Duke in August 1970.

    His entry onto the court vs. Wilt's Lakers - hobbling as he joined his teammates - still resonates with me over 50 years later as an inspirational display of leadership, bravery, and camaraderie.

    [Note the reference to the "New Garden", the short netting on the baskets, and Marv Alpert doing the broadcast.]

    May he rest in peace and his memory be a blessing.

    No. 19 - the "Captain"
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    Two threads need to be joined. Does Marv have a brother named Herb? (ha ha)

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    Willis Reed was a baller! RIP.

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