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    NCAAM: Duke 52, Tennessee 65 Post-Game Thread

    Put your post-game thoughts here. And remember, no bashing or venting.

    Andre Dawkins: ďPeople ask me if I can still shoot, and I ask them if they can still breathe. Thatís kind of the same thing.Ē

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    Tough out. Proud of J for his first year. ACCT champions forever.
    1200. DDMF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBDuke View Post
    Put your post-game thoughts here. And remember, no bashing or venting.
    Good year, but our Freshmen were overwhelmed.

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    Great season!

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    Just a great, close to perfect, game from Nkamhoua. Credit to him.

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    Heck of a season with a lot of great moments. Ran into a bad matchup and not having Mitchell hurt. Disappointed we donít get to see the team keep it going, but itís been a fun ride.

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    Really enjoyed that season. Good work boys!

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    We got beat down badly. Wasnít really close. Too bad

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    Just proud of this team for its growth. Probably one of the best defensive Duke teams I've ever seen.

    Needed to find a little more offense and cultivate bucket-getters going forward, but we are in such good hands with Scheyer.

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    I want to make sure I say this up front: Iím so freaking proud of this team. They couldíve folded a dozen different times in this game, with everything that was going wrong (both forced and unforced), and they kept fighting. The game was competitive to the end, and it couldíve easily gotten out of hand. Thatís a testament to this teamís toughness and grit.

    Unfortunately, this game is the result of getting a 5 seed as opposed to a 2 or 3. We had to play an Elite 8 quality game in the second round. And against an Elite 8 quality team, itís hard to win with a surprise injury, foul trouble to your most indispensable player, and a bad shooting team making tough 3s all game.

    It sucks that weíll be forever wondering if this wouldíve been different with Mark, or with an even slightly different whistle. But thatís the nature of the tournament.

    I think with the benefit of hindsight weíre going to remember this team very fondly. Despite arguably the worst injury luck of any team in recent memory, this team swept UNC, won the ACC and had a real shot to make March noise. But we got a tough draw and a game where everything that could go wrong did. Still, Jon has shown that he can coach, and that the program is set up for the long term.

    Iím tremendously sad right now, because I wasnít ready for this ride to end. But it was a great ride, all the more so considering how many thought it was going to go off the rails.

    P.S. On an analysis side, the fourth foul on Roach changed the game in more ways than the obvious. The biggest: we had to lose our defensive identity that had carried us all year. Tennessee beat us, but the whistle certainly helped.
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    We were outplayed...

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    Satisfying season. Not the result we wanted. Mitchell's injury was VERY significant, imho. Tennessee was too hot offensively in the 2nd half, and only picking up 3 fouls in the 2nd half for such a physical team was a bit... unfortunate for Duke.

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    Nkamhoua was fantastic. Was a fun ride watching the team improve over the season

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    Game played out exactly as I feared, unfortunately, plus (or minus) no Mark Mitchell. Oh well, Iíve been divorced beforeÖ kidding: this wife is a keeper.
    Go dude! Still 9F

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    Most seasons end in a painful loss. Without Mitchell this team had a tough challenge. Guys played hard- about all you can ask for. Time to root for the women

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    Proud of this team. It was great to see them improve and develop and win the ACCT. My personal hope for them was a sweet 16, but today was just not our game and Tenn deserved the win.

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    Sad to say but I doubt any of them return. I think all the freshmen n Roach go Professional.

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    Refs killed it. Let them have a wrestling match, not a basketball game. Reminds me of the south carolina loss some years back. Nonsense.

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    I had bad feelings when Duke trailed at halftime. I have a very sneaky suspicion we'll have a chance to even the score in Knoxville next December.

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    It was a solid year, I said before that as long as we get in the tourney and win 1 game, I'm good, anything else is gravy.

    But it was a tough break to lose Mitchell for this game, the only guy to start every game this season wasn't available for the most important game.

    Hope Flip and Proctor and Mitchell come back, heck hope Roach come back. It's tough to win in the tourney with freshmen, we need some veterans on next year's squad.

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