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    23 62.16%
  • Arizona

    8 21.62%
  • Baylor

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  • Virginia

    4 10.81%
  • San Diego State

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  • Creighton

    0 0%
  • Missouri

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  • Maryland

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  • West Virginia

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  • Utah State

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  • NC State

    1 2.70%
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  • Furman

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    2 minutes to play, this is crunch time, and now we'll see who has the guts to win.

  2. #42
    UVa has adjusted. Furman is losing themselves to the moment.

  3. #43
    West Virginia misses shot at the buzzer. Maryland wins by two.

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  5. #45
    Oh my goodness Virginia

  6. #46
    A player with that much experience does something like that?

    What the what?

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    Kihei Clark's pass against Purdue > Kihei Clark's pass against Furman
    Just be you. You is enough. - K, 4/5/10, 0:13.8 to play, 60-59 Duke.

    You're all jealous hypocrites. - Titus on Laettner

    You see those guys? Animals. They're animals. - SIU Coach Chris Lowery, on Duke

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    Oh my days…

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    Wow! Cavs just pooped the bed in face of back court pressure, threw the ball away and gave up a wide open step in three. Furman up one, 2.4 seconds to go.

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    Kihei Clark, wow, what an epic mistake. Lots of heart in that kid, but just a dumb, dumb, dumb play.

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    Clark with a bonehead pass that results in a Furman 3 PT FG and one point lead.

    Virginia losses 68-67.
    Bob Green

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    Bdubs went wild. Wth Clark.

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    What a stupid pass by Clark! Call an effing timeout! He let the whole team down. I feel bad for him.

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    I hope UVA's loss to Furman doesn't hurt our NET rating...

    Oh wait...
    Trinity '09

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    Quote Originally Posted by DukieInBrasil View Post
    Kihei Clark, wow, what an epic mistake. Lots of heart in that kid, but just a dumb, dumb, dumb play.
    Well, I was sort of rooting for UVA, but I guess I was wrong...

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    I gave never seen a dumber play than this one. Kihei Clark?!?

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    That loss is 100% on Kihei Clark. Just an epically terrible play on his part. That's something you expect from a Fr. PG, not a 5th yr Sr. Just bad, bad, bad...

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    Kihel Clark's pass vs. Purdue in the Elite 8 will be remembered forever. Unfortunately, so will his bonehead mistake turning the ball over. He had a timeout, so that silly heave didn't make any sense. Hate to say it, but he choked.

    I will never talk about That Game. GTHC.

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    What a way for Clark's career to end. Just wow.

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    I mean, it is arguably the stupidest play in tournament history, isn't it?
    Why are you wasting time here when you could be wasting it by listening to the latest episode of the DBR Podcast?

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