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    1M: Jack it Up!

    Obviously this team needs to shake it up during its pre-tournament boot camp if it wants to make any sort of run. Many suggestions have been made on this board how to do that. For example, the posts on giving Marty more pt, letting Zoubek get more time, not switching on soft screens, etc.

    As far as strategy, it seems that they definitely need to honker down on defense. One other thing that Iíve noticed that is strikingly absent from the boards this year is (excuse me Throaty) 1M. People have complained that Duke doesnít get the ball inside enough this year and I certainly agree. However, I havenít seen one complaint that Duke is shooting too many three pointers. With the post presence Duke has maybe thatís not the answer. In past years, as the boards seemed to heavily indicate, it might have been more important to get the ball inside. But this year, maybe the answer is to go back to what Duke has been so successful with in the past. Those teams might have had some flaws but you canít argue their success vs. this squad.

    Duke is shooting 38.3% from three point range this year. In the last 5 years that is a better percentage than the 2002/3, 2003/4, 2004/5 teams. It is only less than the 38.6 that was posted last year. In addition, in all 5 of those years Dukeís ratio of 2 point field goals to 3 point field goals was less than 4 to 1. This year itís greater than 4 to 1. A couple of extra points due to the three here and there might have had a drastic effect on Dukeís record. Just think of what one extra three vs. a two would have done last night.

    It is obvious that this team is not winning the big one this year. However, they can put on some band-aids and at least make a little run. The bottom line is that some things have to change. My suggestions for the tourney are as follows:

    1) Give G the ball. Like other posters I see that he is the future. Without him they are going nowhere and with him starting to lead at the worst he will be getting invaluable experience for a run next year.

    2) Give Zoubek some time to at least get 4 or 5 fouls. Thatís probably not much time anyway. Without a post presence to help McRoberts on defense it will be hard to win more than 1 game.

    3) Jack it up! Start shooting threes. Itís the great equalizer. Duke doesnít have the size to match up with the big boys anymore. Theyíve relied on it in the past with better teams and should give it a go with this one. (Wow, I never thought Iíd be saying that!)

    There has got to be some new wrinkles come next week. Anyone got any other ideas?

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    I can't disagree Junkie. It's clear we need to try somthing different. You know our record in the last 11 games? 4-7.. yep FOUR and SEVEN... But guys think all is well, and don't change... ROFL.. Very logical thinking

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    I like going small ball with this club, especially because McClure and Thomas are just no shows the last three games in the box score. Lance cannot finish around the basket and Dave is a liablity on offense.

    Start Greg, Jon, Markie, Gerald and McRoberts and spread the court, pressure defense and start launching three's baby!!!

    I hope K goes with this line-up, bringing Pocius in to spell the three guards, using Zoubek to spell Josh and rotating Dave/Lance in for defense if need be at the four for Markie.

    We need rest and confidence, this team looks like it has no clue how to win and at this point in the season, that is sad.

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    How about slapping Josh in practice every time a 3 goes up and he stands in place watching the shot rather than trying to box out or go towards the rim to get position for a rebound? How he can have so few offensive boards and put-back dunks is beyond me. With his springs, he should live on the offensive glass... he could seriously average 3-4ppg more if he would actively try to get putbacks. He doesn't get very many 'garbage points' for a guy with his athleticism and apparent court vision.

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