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    Quote Originally Posted by sagegrouse View Post
    Upon reflection, here are some observations:

    Tuscaloosa is a college town, larger than most (100,000) but still a college town. In the extensive investigation following the killing of Jamea Harris, the Tuscaloosa police uncovered information about those at the scene and got the murder weapon. To me, given that U. of Alabama students were involved (Darius Miles was charged), it is inconceivable to me that information was not shared with the university police as the investigation developed. Therefore, the presence of the scene of three Alabama basketball players should have been known shortly after the January 14-15 incident.

    It is also inconceivable to me that U of A police chief John Hooks would not have shared the information on Alabama basketball players with both AD Greg Byrne and president Stuart Bell and probably also with HC Nate Oates. This would have occurred within a day or two of the shooting.

    If the conjecture is true, the lack of action on the part of the University was intentional. (Oh, there was one almost laughable action -- removal of Darius Miles from the basketball team and erasure of all his information from the basketball web site.) This looks really bad in retrospect -- the fact that Nick Saban came out publicly is truly telling, given that he is probably the most powerful person at the University.

    I agree with dudog84 that a 2-3 game suspension while the incident was being investigated would have been far better and satisfied most critics. (a) The University could have merely asked the police chief to conduct an investigation of player or student involvement in the death of Jamea Harris and suspended those suspected of being at the scene until more information was uncovered. (b) Given its inaction, the University should have at least had a plan to handle the Miller-miles incident if it became public. Surely any plan would NOT have had HC Nate Oates in front of a microphone. His clumsiness and self-interest were disastrous.

    And now, Alabama lost. Thank goodness. There is not a shadow over the NCAA tournament from their participation in the Final Four.
    This is very well said.

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    So is Mr. Millerís NBA draft status impacted by the gene and subsequent murder? I say NO, except his NCAA performance will have teams asking questions.

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