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    I'm very happy whenever the Cheats lose because of the fans and the way the so-called university needed to cheat to even be in the game against good teams. I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure they've aways cheated.

    Well, they openly admitted they had a large number of varsity athletes getting academic credit for classes that never met, never required papers and never required tests. They defended themselves against NCAA sanctions by stating that non athletes were also able to cheat. Their fans contort themselves trying to defend this practice which took place for decades, spanning several of their national championships. But the fact is undeniable that their varsity athletes (particularly revenue sports) were steered toward “classes” that provided college credits (required for participation in athletics) for ZERO effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilko View Post
    I kinda get the Glass half full comparison generally.
    My POV is, the glass doesn't matter so much, if you are thirsty open another bottle.

    But as it relates to the topic -
    Any Duke win is happiness.
    Any UNC loss is happiness -1.
    A Duke win over UNC is a full glass.

    I wont lie, I enjoy having UNC fans being envious of the full glass. They are so thirsty.
    Take a sip, spill a little just for spite.

    Is that College Basketball Haiku?

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