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    Quote Originally Posted by lotusland View Post
    Thanks for that one - that’s tight man. Hadn’t seen it before. Sheryl’s a musician’s musician and the farthest thing from a diva. She’s always down to collaborate or share the stage and so joyful about it.
    So she stands very far away from Beyonce?
    Hard at work making beautiful things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLPOG View Post
    I have a friend who was in London late in December, a big fan herself, and she snagged a menu from Trader Vic's. Incidentally they had a guest book with lots of nice "don't close" and "Warren 4 life" sorts of messages.

    I have a picture ordering a piña colada from the Trader Vic's in Atlanta from our Chick-fil-A Bowl game. And the answer to your next question is yes.

    The first one I technically went to was in (approximately) Mountain View, CA, when I was taking a day to just drive casually around the bay. Literally saw it out of the corner of my eye and spent 45 minutes turning around to confirm it and walk inside. Tried to eat there the day before leaving California - waited because my dad was going to join me before we embarked on a cross-country drive to Durham, as he had introduced me to Zevon - and found it had closed down the day before.

    Anyone have a Pioneer Chicken story?
    Never ate at the Pioneer Chicken on Alvarado, because it was within walking distance of the home of the world’s best pastrami sandwich, Langer’s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrey View Post
    How good were The Grateful Dead in concert?
    Thank you for that! Goosebumps.

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