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    MBB: Duke 86, Ga Tech 43 Post-Game Thread

    Put your post-game thoughts here.

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    Watching carolina Go To HELL!
    We needed a game like this! We needed a road win like this!
    Ozzie, your paradigm of optimism!

    Go To Hell carolina, Go To Hell!
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    Lord have mercy, that was satisfying to watch...

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    Hopefully something to build on. Nice game by Lively. Regardless of the opponent- a 43 point road win is really impressive. The D was stout.

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    Safe to say the most satisfying win of the year given the circumstances?

    The headline is what certainly seemed liked Dereckís coming out party. But Jon deserves credit for feeling that coming and putting him in the starting lineup, and also designing a ton of great plays against the zone to use him (and others) to perfection. I know feel a lot better about our chances on the road against Syracuse than I did 2 hours ago.

    Also: Jeremy looked healthier today than he has in a while, not only via his performance but in how he was moving on the court. Letís hope that continues.

    Jacob also made some nice plays in Dariqís stead. If we get him back sooner rather than later, which the tea leaves seem to be indicating, we could be back to having the luxury of having Ryan, Dariq, and Jacob off the bench.
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    43 point win and doubled their score. Iíll take it! Lots to like in this one.

    Glad our main guys had an easy game with plenty of rest. Quick-ish turnaround to Tuesday night. Now letís take care of business against Wake before we look ahead to Carolina.

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    I just don't know if I'm really impressed with this win...🤣🤣

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    GT is not having a good year but itís previous worst loss was on the road by 24 to a very good Marquette team.

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    Been waiting on the breakout game, and we got it today. Now to furiously refresh KenPom to see how far we move up...

    And it's up. Duke moves from #34 to #25.

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    Final score, us doubling up our opponent.

    I felt sorry for the Jackets, but damn, we needed that badly.

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    I thought Schutt acquitted himself well, though I was only able to see the last third/quarter of the game, kind of garbage time. His three wasnít falling, and even though that is his calling card on paper, he seemed to play reasonable D and made a few nice drives/pull up baskets.

    Overall, from following the score and watching the end of the game, Iím very pleased with this win. Georgia Tech may not be very good and that might be generous, but they are a power five team with division one scholarship basketball players who really needed a win, and it would be reasonable for them to smell blood in the water vs Duke. Our guys did really well, rising to the occasion without Dariq.

    On to the next one. Go Duke! And of course, very 9F

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    I was super annoyed when GT made a three to cut it to 30-23, when we seemed to be throwing it all over the place and missing FTs, and I guess Jon was as well when he called a time out.

    After that, we outscored them 32-5 spanning the end of the first half and the beginning of the second, and then at the point it was just finding different ways to double GT on the scoreboard, from 62-31 to 68-34 to the final score.

    Obviously GT is pretty terrible so I donít want to make too much of it, but it sure was fun watching Lively and Flip and Mitchell dominate inside and finding open threes (and making them) against the junk defenses GT was throwing at us. Good to see Jeremy make threes and for even Schutt to finally make a couple of buckets (albeit in garbage time, but still).

    GT just seemed to completely let go of the rope early in the second half and Iím glad we didnít take our foot off the gas, that was a nice dominant win. Plenty of rest for our main guys is also nice given the short turnaround to the big game on Tuesday.

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    Just checked the box score, and Proctor had 8 assists and no turnovers, to go along with 7 points. Really steady game from him. And Mitchell with 4 assists.

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    5 thoughts...

    1. GaTech is not a good team, and it showed. But the Devils did what they were capable of doing, and they absolutely whomped Tech. It's great to get an easy one, finally. And a road win is a road win, and is always positive!

    2. The blowout yielded the ability to give Flip some much needed rest. My only nitpick of the entire game are his 3 TO's, but I've come to accept this as a possibility from him each game (though I'm sure he is working on it). Duke overall only had 9 turns.

    3. Proctor had 8 assists and no TOs. Great PG game!... Roach also could rest his foot. His two 3's set the tone from the outset... Lively played like the #1 kid out of high school... Mitchell stuffed the stat sheet as usual... Sure, it was all against a weak team, but like I said they did what they are capable of doing. Great for team confidence!

    4. Grandison played very well. I saw a few hockey assists where he set up the man who set up the man who scored. As usual, he was in the right place at the right time, and he contributed scoring as well. I am very comfortable with him on the court at any time.

    5. Great to also see the bench get some minutes. Nothing special to see from them that warrants any more minutes this season, but it rewards them for their hard work.

    I will never talk about That Game. GTHC.

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    The last 4 minutes of the first half, when they had cut the lead to 7 from 13 and we looked unfocused, Coach called that timeout and we pushed the lead to 18 at halftime was the key stretch. That line-up played great on both ends and grabbed the game back. Then, the starters came out in the second half and basically shut the door really early. We haven't been consistent in those kinds of spots so it felt really significant that we executed there. Tech seemed to just give up with about 10 minutes to go, their defense wilted and that was that.

    Very satisfying. As we hit the turn of the ACC season, maybe this is the start of that next gear.

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    Since no one has mentioned Tyrese Iíll give him some love. He played a near perfect game offensively. If you rewatch the game pay attention to Proctor delivering the ball.

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    Just a wonderful basketball game, almost from start to finish. Tech was not closer than 3 possessions again once we scored to make it 25-16 with over 8 minutes left in the first half. And from 30-23 onward, it was just an onslaught: 56-20.

    Yes, Tech was outsized and overmatched. But that was the kind of dominant performance we just havenít seen this year.

    Loved seeing Lively have another really strong game. That is 2 of his last 3, which is a really promising sign moving forward.

    Flip was again excellent. He has really turned it on lately, cutting down on the turnovers and scoring efficiently.

    Proctor played a brilliant floor game with 8 assists and no turnovers and 50% from the field.

    Grandison and Young were terrific off the bench too.

    Nice to get a laugher for once. Hopefully the team can build off this and string together some wins. Would be really nice to have some momentum going into the tough stretch ahead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lotusland View Post
    Since no one has mentioned Tyrese Iíll give him some love. He played a near perfect game offensively. If you rewatch the game pay attention to Proctor delivering the ball.
    See post #13.
    Kyle gets BUCKETS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDu View Post

    Loved seeing Lively have another really strong game. That is 2 of his last 3, which is a really promising sign moving forward.
    Randolph Childress commented that Lively finally looks healthy. Between his leg injury and being sick he has been playing less than 100 percent healthy all season. It is great timing to be healthy as February approaches.
    Bob Green

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furniture View Post
    See post #13.
    And #14...

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