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    Grandison is a passer. He gets it inside with the right pace and location.

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    Fantastic final four minutes of the first half!

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    Excellent first half. Letís carry that over to the second half. Lots of positives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SavDukeGrad View Post
    Ugh. And now we let them cut the lead to 7, rather than extending our 13 point lead.
    I was right there with you, but that Scheyer time out followed by the Flip, Young, Grandy Proctor, Roach line-up KILLING IT on both ends was an amazing turnaround. So sweet!!!

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    One of our best halves on both ends. Playing with real rhythm and movement on offense and playing poised switching defense. Go Duke!

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    Arguably the best half of the a true road game....that's progress!

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    Great to see this Eighteen point lead. I am sure Scheyer is emphasizing do not relax. Do not look at the score.

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    Great finish to the half by Duke! 18 point lead. Great response by our guys after Scheyerís timeout.

    Hope we can come out in the 2nd half and put them away early.

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    Iím seeing now what the Dear DBR thread is about. Iím really happy with this game so far. Good ball movement. Active defense. Lively playing so many minutes I worried that Young was injured. Hitting from 3.
    No soup for you!

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    What's this? A tear of happiness shedding from eye?

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    Best half of the year.

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    Just like old times!

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    Is this Duke's biggest half-time lead of the year? (or at least in conference play)

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    Great start to the second half! Does Pastner have any timeouts left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indoor66 View Post
    Best half of the year.
    Yep by far. Only improvement needed: can we see a different Gatorade fit commercial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arnie View Post
    Yep by far. Only improvement needed: can we see a different Gatorade fit commercial?

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    I don’t know. Our 18 point halftime lead is up to 34 with 13 minutes left! I think we’ve been better this half than the 1st half! And Tech is out of timeouts.

    I kind of hate for the substitutions to start, because we always seem to lose focus when that happens.

    I guess a 19-3 second half start is pretty good.

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    Lively having perhaps his best game of the year. Easy street today. Nice for the team to have a bit of a laugher. Hopefully they can finish well and build off a road blowout. A LOT to like in this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernDukie View Post
    Because of his guns?
    Who was that masked man?
    "Something in my vicinity is Carolina blue and this offends me." - HPR

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    Grandison so effective today. Nice passes inside, three 3s. Maybe itís just that everyone is in the flow, but I do enjoy Grandisonís contributions, including alert D.

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