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    Antoine Davis

    Antoine Davis is a 6'1" guard for Detroit Mercy, and he might be lining up to take a shot at one of the most storied records in sports -- Pete Maravich's NCAA men's Division I basketball career scoring record of 3,667 points.

    Davis is currently sitting at 3,274 career points, 393 behind Maravich, and Detroit Mercy still has at least 11 games to play. A deep run in the Horizon Conference tournament could add games to that total. Detroit Mercy's record is currently just 8-13, so they'd likely need to win the conference tournament to go beyond that.

    Assuming they play the minimum number of 11 remaining games, Davis would need to average 35.8 points per game to catch Maravich -- a tall order, but Davis has scored over 30 six times this season, and has topped 40 in two of Detroit Mercy's last three games.

    Davis has already moved into the #2 spot on the career scoring list. If he keeps scoring at his current season average of 26.4 ppg, he'll finish with 3,564 career points, 103 points behind Maravich and 315 points clear of third place, held by Freeman Williams, who played for Portland State in the late 1970s. The closest modern-era player is Chris Clemons, who played for Campbell from 2015-2019, and sits in fourth place with 3,225 points.

    To be sure, asterisks abound with Davis' record chase. He's currently playing his fifth season, thanks to the extra year of eligibility that athletes received due to the COVID-interrupted 2019-2020 season. And as we all know, Maravich set his record in just three seasons of play.

    But it's still kind of fun to watch a guy chase one of the unthinkable records in all of sports.
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    No three point line either.

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    Maravich also averaged 38 FGA and 14 FTA which probably offsets some of the number of games played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGDukesky View Post
    Maravich also averaged 38 FGA and 14 FTA which probably offsets some of the number of games played.
    I seem to remember a few years ago that someone did a deep dive on "how many points would Pistol Pete have scored with a three point line." I don't recall the upshot, but yikes, what a project.

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    I saw this. Of course, any comparison to Maravich favors Pistol Pete. But by comparing to Maravich, I think it does the guy a disservice. It's not Davis' fault he plays with a 3 point line and got an extra season due to COVID. He's getting a ton of buckets! It's quite amazing. I hope he passes Maravich. Records are made to be broken, and no one is going to think less of Maravich if he's second. In fact, all the benefits that Davis has had actually highlights how incredible Maravich's point total really is.

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    Apples to apples would only be appropriate.

    Tough to compare eras. Pistol owned the SEC. Averaging in the 40s.

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    Davis had a clunker on Monday night, with 14 points on 3-16 shooting. That leaves him at 3288 points with 10+ games left.

    So he will need to pick up the pace or get some help by Detroit making a longer postseason run.

    380 points needed to break the record.

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