In roughly chronological order:

"Ave Maria" -- from a music box hung on the wall, one note at a time, laying down to nap - earliest memory

"Hail to the Redskins" - Corinne Griffith lyrics - some of us were raised right

"Oak Tree" - Morris Day - locker room, pre-game, hs hoops

"I Melt with You" - Modern English

"Rambling on My Mind" - Eric Clapton from the live album "Just One Night" - blasting it in early morning while drinking beer and painting a porch in summertime

"Fight, Fight Blue Devils" and "Devil with a Blue Dress On" - naturally

"Roam" - the B-52s - really liked, and playing in the operating room as I went under for surgery

"And It Stoned Me" - Van Morrison - spring semester of senior year at Duke

"The Perfect Country and Western Song" - David Allen Coe - ditto

"Love Me Like a Man" - Bonnie Raitt - probably my favorite song of all time

"Life is a Highway" - Tom Cochrane - a formal occasion - tuxes - people literally dancing on tables

"Baby, Now That I've Found You" - Alison Krauss and Union Station - dancing w/ a newborn, tears

"Pompeii" - Bastille - Duke's 2013 FB season video

"Shut Up and Dance" - Walk the Moon -

"Ubi Caritas" - Maurice Durufle - Every Holy Thursday, tears ("where charity and love are, God is there")

"Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5" - Paavo Jarvi conducting National Symphony (Oct 2021) - the audience thundered its applause after the other-worldly tight/magnificent performance -- the best in the world at the height of their powers and concentration -- after the conductor motioned for the entire orchestra to stand for its third bow, the players took their cue from the concertmaster and remained seated, and the conductor dropped his head, and reluctantly took the bow alone, giving in to the sign of respect from the players ... as cool as Cameron at its best. [RECORDINGS - PAAVO JÄRVI]

"O Magnum Mysterium" - Morten Lauridsen (Chamber Choir of Europe recording) - tears; Merry Christmas!