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    MBB: Duke 81, Ohio State 72 Post-Game Thread

    Put your post-game thoughts here.

    Andre Dawkins: ďPeople ask me if I can still shoot, and I ask them if they can still breathe. Thatís kind of the same thing.Ē

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    Really satisfying win against a quality opponent. Such a balanced performance, five guys in double figures (plus Grandison with 9) and everybody made contributions. We can see Lively and Whitehead continuing to make strides. Proctor with another great performance even though he did miss some close in shots. We had that stretch in the first half where we turned it over a ton and fell behind, but once we cleaned that up we took control. Also did a great job of creating turnovers on the other end against a team that usually protects the ball well. Free throws were excellent. The team responded well after that late push to cut the lead to 5 plus heavy foul trouble - Roach wasn't 100% but came up big in crunch time.

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    That's a Cameron win right there!

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    We controlled the game from start to finish.

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    I like Dukeís offense at Cameron much better! Good effort not to let the lead ever get below 5. Nice win and much needed. We just need to get Whitehead up-to-speed and then see what this team is really capable of doing.

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    I, for one, am not gonna nitpick a victory over a Top 25 team, especially rebounding from Sundayís performance.

    I loved how all 9 guys who played contributed. I loved how we had the depth to weather the foul trouble down low (which, letís be honest, was due to some very quick whistles).

    I do wish we couldíve put them awayÖ it felt like we had multiple opportunities where we couldíve done so. But the young guys will develop that killer instinct.

    Great win. Letís keep it going.
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    A lot to like in this one. Lively played his best game. Whitehead had some moments. But the biggest thing was we had the depth and experience to withstand the foul attrition this time, whereas last year we just didnít.

    Roach and Proctor were great in the second half. Ryan Young did yeomanís work, fighting for a key offensive rebound and then fighting for a second one that OSU knocked out of bounds due to him.

    Filipowski did his work as usual.

    And we hit a bunch of free throws.

    OSU and Key really know how to grind, but we grinder right back, and hit enough shots to survive.

    Important win. Hopefully we can follow it up with a win over Iowa next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGDukesky View Post
    We just need to get Whitehead up-to-speed and then see what this team is really capable of doing.
    Whitehead again showed really nice flashes, but just couldnít sustain it.

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    I wonder if this will hold up as a Q1 win rest of the season...

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    Thought we had our best interior passing in a long time. No one player stood out, but thought Flip played the best.

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    Scheyer's first top 25 win and a very solid resume win.

    Perhaps my favorite moment was when they went zone for a possession in the second half and we sliced them with 3 crisps passes for an easy more zone after that.

    Just an awesome awesome win.

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    Massive, massive win. Duke needed that. Improved 3-point shooting. Won the battle on the glass. All starters but Mitchell scored in double figures. Awesome win.

    Letís Go Duke!

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    Great finish and great win. Lively played his best game at Duke so far. Flip came on huge at the end. Great bench play also. When we turn the corner in Janurary and Lively and Whitehead are running on high octane, lookout! Canít wait to watch the improvement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by proelitedota View Post
    We controlled the game from start to finish.
    I wouldn't go that far. We made a good run at the end of the first half to give us some breathing room. The second half was basically even. Despite both sides shooting more free throws than I like to see, we did a little better across the board in shooting and turnovers.

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    Very important to learn how to win ugly. That was a slog and teams, especially young teams, need to learn how to play in games like that.

    Lively showed improvement, and Proctor continued the improvement he showed vs. Purdue. Young is such a valuable addition to this team. Roach knows it is his team and is playing like an upperclassman.

    I'm glad that was in Cameron - not sure how it would have worked out in Columbus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CameronDuke View Post
    Massive, massive win. Duke needed that. Improved 3-point shooting. Won the battle on the glass. All starters but Mitchell scored in double figures. Awesome win.

    Letís Go Duke!
    We did not fade and for this team that was very important. The team persevered and got a big Win.

    Need to continue to get Lively and Whitehead going. Whitehead will be a starter soon, but the airballs need to disappear. Roach was a pretty good leader and Proctor is improving. No hesitancy and looking more confident. Young was tough,but he missed a few he usually makes. Flip was good, but at times makes questionable drives. All 9 players contributed. Should be great for the team's confidence.

    Posting stats from ESPN. Jay Bilas's team is playing now. May tune in to hope the Hoosiers get a W.

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    Fantastic win for the good guys tonight!

    Go Duke!!!

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    Strong win.

    Key could have fouled out at least three times.

    Shout out to the Crazies tonight. The white out. 'THE Oral Roberts University.' 'We want Michigan.' 'You can't shoot.' And my personal favorite, the signs that said 'Ohio isn't real.' Hahaha. It was almost like old times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bshrader View Post
    I wonder if this will hold up as a Q1 win rest of the season...
    Well, if the Heels come through, the ACC will win the final Challenge, which should correct any misimpressions about the quality of basketball in our conference.

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    Proctor. If you were to believe the preseason articles, he was a project. He's arrived. Can't contribute any other thought that hasn't been mentioned already. Will be fun watching this group mesh.

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