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    Holiday Sentiment

    Just a quickie...

    I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving! Enjoy yourselves, have fun!!

    And on a personal note, I am grateful for a great year where, in part, I made some new friends here at DBR and had some great topics of conversations!

    To you all, CHEERS!!

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    Red face thankful things

    Perhaps this is a post where we post our thanks. Mine include DBR, the few deaths which resulted from the CA wild fires, renewing friendships at my HS reunion (the 1st I've ever attended), the looong trying-to-make-happen pregnancy of my daughter and son-in-law (Duke'01), and my own good health (I'm a proud babyboomer).

    Blessings to you all. DBR is the only site which I check regularly & ever post. Again, THANK YOU. DBR you're the best.

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