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    Question Lance

    Is it me, or has Lance regressed somewhat this season? I remember mid-season, he was taking it to the hoop aggressively and being a decent rebounder/defender, now he has disappeared. I also feel like he has this terrible tendendcy to make himself 5'9" instead of 6'9" by bringing the ball down to his legs rather than keeping it high.

    Seem like simple things to fix, we will need him to be medium productive, because it feels like Zoubek is a lost cause for this season. In addition, McClure gives up a fair amount of height advantage to certain post players.

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    Thomas will benefit greatly from the offseason, IMO. His problems are imminently curable.

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    "Thomas will benefit greatly from the offseason, IMO. His problems are imminently curable."

    that being said and no doubt true, he certainly is not as strong on the boards as i would have expected.

    i guess i am just going to have to ingnore any stuff about any incoming freshmen to avoid developing any expectations at all.

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    Actually, I expected little out of Thomas this year. I was encouraged by the promise Zoubek illustrated against inferior opponents earlier in the year, but I still expected little from him against decent competition for the rest of the year. I expected decent contributions from Henderson based on hype, and he's lived up those expectations in recent games. I thought that Scheyer would contribute, but I didn't have a feel for the extent. He has exceeded my expectations overall.

    For next year I expect Singler to make significant contributions. Other than that, I don't have significant expectations of the incoming freshmen. In short, it does help to keep expectations down. I've been frustrated with some of the overall results this season, but I haven't been as frustrated with the freshmen as some fans have been.

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    I expect Smith to help with the ball handling as he should be more capable than Scheyer or Henderson and can help take pressure off of Paulus and free Paulus for perimeter shoots. Don't know how much he'll contribute pointwise and I know he's not a natural point so I'm not expecting him to be the next Duhon. I don't know anything about Singler or King.

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    i don't know if LT has retrogressed but as a Fr. he was expected to be very inconsistent and he is living up to that billing. He had a pair of games in the middle of the season where he was very effective and a bunch of other games where his productivity was decent. He has been very consistent lately though, consistently bringing nothing to the table. It's just that his lack of productivity is coming at a very bad time for Duke. It often seems that Fr. have a stretch where they don't do very well and then they learn from it and improve. LT has a had some bad stretches, but he doesn't seem to have learned from it, or at least his game has not changed at all due to those tough stretches.
    McClure is something altogether different. He was playing very consistently and even if not putting up big numbers, finding some way to do something positive. He pulled down some O boards against State, but other than that was a complete waste of space on O. His jumper lacks confidence and is just plain horrible lately, even when he gets the ball down low he can't do anything with it. He catches the ball 3 ft from the rack does a pump fake which nobody goes for and then crouches down low as if that's gonna fake somebody out and then gets stuffed when he goes back up again. If we had gotten season-average games from them, Duke would've won the game. Although Marty stepped up huge in the game, the rest of the support guys did absolutely nothing for us. And i don't wanna hear about "they brought energy to the game", Jordan Davidson and Joe Pagliuca bring energy too, but this team needs some modicum of production from everybody who steps on the floor in order to win.

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    I agree completely. When you look at the box score, what else can you ask from Greg, Josh, Markie and Jon? They produced big numbers, offensive numbers enough at least to win the game with help.

    Traditionally, on a Duke team like this, we've had a guy at the 3/4 that can give you 8-10 points a game to really help during key offensive lapses, see Nate, a soph Carrawell, a young Battier, a young Dunleavy, Marty Clark as a senior, a young Grant Hill, Cherokee Parks, Antonio Lang, Rashawn McCleod, even a Shav type player would make this team exceptionally difficult to defend.

    but, Lance and David just don't have the capability to produce numbers anywhere near the aforementioned players, even during the early stages of their respective careers...

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