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I thought everyone would like to hear about my morning. Coach K called (live). I was stunned. A good friend had let him know about my health situation and he called to ask about my treatment, find out how I was doing, and encourage me to maintain my positive attitude. We talked about his dog, my treatment, teaching, coaching, and the impact we have on others. He even remembered the cookies we used to bake and bring to the seniors on their trips to Littlejohn. He wanted to know where I went for treatment and told me that he was so impressed with the things my friend Josh had said about me in the letter. We spoke for about 15 minutes. He said they were about to go see the grandson (Michael) play and have a NY weekend. I held it together pretty well until after the call. I wish I had a tape because it's hard to believe that this really happened. I thanked him for all that he did and for the great memories, then wished him well and thanked him for the call. I am so lucky in spite of this struggle. Let's Go Duke!
Wow. Just, wow.

Hope that lifts your spirits, my DBR brother! Nice to get a sense of how K is spending his time. Very cool.