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    Quote Originally Posted by Kdogg;1543525[B
    ]Yeah but they lost eight Republican votes from July for the same bill.[/B]

    It seems we are getting to the point where for one side to "win" the other side most "lose." The next phrase is "It doesn't matter if I win, as long as you lose."
    Maybe but my take home is how much our country and politicians have moved toward accepting something that just 10-20 years of go would have been impossible to fathom. Even Obama "evolved" on the issue of gay marriage. We've come a long way in a short period of time on a previously incredibly divisive issue. That gives me hope for the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldPhiKap View Post
    But Iíve read good things about ivermectinÖ..
    Ivermectin is hard to get and rather expensive. Clorox is more widely available and very affordable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldPhiKap View Post
    Beautiful full moon tonight here in Georgia. No werewolves to be seen.
    Or political ads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OPK
    Beautiful full moon tonight here in Georgia. No werewolves to be seen.
    Quote Originally Posted by ClemmonsDevil View Post
    Or political ads.
    Arenít werewolves and rapacious politicians the same being?

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    Everyone, thanks so much for your participation in this thread. It is now closed. I loved hearing all of your thoughts and look forward to more civilized discussion about the next election.
    Why are you wasting time here when you could be wasting it by listening to the latest episode of the DBR Podcast?

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