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His game could of course unravel today. It wouldn’t be the first time. I am more interested in seeing how his body looks today and how he’s walking and moving around the golf course. I think that will be more telling to the possibility if he can compete this year. He showed yesterday he can still hit golf shots and he still had the hands and upper body strength. He was flying some of his drives 300+ yards with 180 mph ball speed. It will be chilly when he tees off this morning (mid 40s) and the ball likely won’t be traveling as far. We will see if he looks stiff. I will say yesterday he appeared to be walking better. Still noticeably gingerly at times but a lot better than how he looked last year.
I dunno, guys. TW finished birdie-birdie-birdie after walking the entire course. We'll se how day two goes. I am hopeful.