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    It was truly a dominant performance. We had two-thirds of the possession, shot the ball 19 times to their three, and put eleven shots to one on frame. Their goalie, Wiebke Willebrandt, had eight saves, and while many were routine, she had at least two that were spectacular. We put our subs in with about 20 minutes to play, and were still the better team. This could easily have been quite a bit more of a scoreboard blowout than it turned out to be. That was a really nice performance from the Blue Devils.

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    Michelle Cooper strikes early for a 1-0 lead over NC State.

    And now a 2nd goal by Pluck, 2-0.

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    Cooper and Pluck each strike again in the 2nd half for a 4-0 lead.

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    Definitely looking in control tonight, great match.

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