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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluedog View Post
    Barnes was a second team all american his sophomore year. If Whitehead surpasses that, that would be absolutely tremendous (but I don't expect it). As a freshman, Barnes was ACC Rookie of the Year and Second Team All ACC. He averaged 16.3 ppg and 5.5 rpg in his career at UNC. Those numbers were also while averaging fewer than 30 mpg both seasons since we all know Roy liked to play a deep bench.

    I know we like to degrade UNC (as do I...), but Barnes was damn good and productive during his time.
    Yes, Barnes was quite good both his two years. But he averaged just 1.4 assists per game as a freshman and 1.1 assists per game as a sophomore, with ~1.9 turnovers per game each year. I certainly hope Whitehead does notably better than that.

    Barnes was a very good player, but his skills were limited in terms of variety. Whitehead seems more versatile. At least, we hope he is more versatile. And we hope he has a better freshman year than Barnes did (not that Barnes had a bad freshman year at all; just that we'll likely need more from Whitehead than Barnes provided).

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    Meanwhile, Tyrese Proctor is playing for the Australian National Team in the Asian Cup. Here are some clips of him from a game against Indonesia (featuring Marques Bolden!).

    Between Grandison, Proctor, Whitehead, Schutt, and maybe Filipowski and Lively, there are guys that can shoot it on the roster. Hopefully Roach can contribute here as well. This has the potential of being a decent shooting team if a few of these guys work out. I feel best about the role Grandison will play as a catch-and-shoot specialist. Roach, Proctor, and Whitehead will probably take as many or more 3's as anyone on the roster. If two of those guys can connect at 36%+, shooting (and spacing) shouldn't be a huge concern.

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    I wouldnít at all be surprised to see Filipowski take a lot of corner 3s as a stretch 4. Knocking those down at 35%+ will go a long way toward opening up the lane for slashing drives by Whitehead, Roach and Proctor and lob finishes by Lively.

    From the tape Iíve watched, Flip seems to have the mechanics and the touch to be a good enough 3 point shooter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDu View Post
    Analysts miss all the time. Just last year, the #5 and #6 recruits were Baldwin and Houstan, both of whom struggled. In 2021, BJ Boston was the #4 recruit and was awful. In 2019, Cam Reddish was the #2 recruit and struggled mightily. Recruiting experts are pretty good overall, but sometimes they whiff.

    It's also worth noting that Filipowski was a late-riser in the rankings. Going into his senior year he was a fringe top-30 recruit (per 247 Composite) and made a huge jump during his senior year. It's possible that his jump was legit, but it's also possible he was riding a bit of a combo of "Duke boost" and hot streak.

    And it's not just the 6-minute practice video. He also struggled in the high school all-star games.

    Again, I'm definitely not writing him off. I just think there should be room for caution with him based on his struggles in the all star games and his struggles in what little footage we have of him at Duke.
    While I agree that itís certainly possible for the experts to have been wrong about a top 5 ranking, I do want to pick one minor nit.

    Itís true that Flip was a late riser in the rankings but his ascension in the rankings was *not* because of his play during his Senior year. It was very much based on his play against some degree of elite competition on the AAU circuit.

    His composite ranking was in the 50s at the start of summer ball. Itís true that he was ranked around 30th when his academic year began. But he jumped again before the high school season began (likely services included in the composite who took longer to update their rankings) and was ranked 7th by early November.

    Now he very well could struggle to make an impact this year. But I do think he has been a stand-out in the past when playing against strong competition, so that gives me some encouragement going into the year (I know youíve agreed itís possible he has a good year).

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