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    Quote Originally Posted by TKG View Post
    We got our revenge in 2001 in Minneapolis - AZ fans (and our friend Billy Packer) were weepin' and wailin' about the refs.
    I re-watched the 2001 final not long ago (it's the only Final Four game I have attended in person), and it is sort of a starting point for the "Duke gets all the calls" myth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix22 View Post
    Looks like I'll be making the drive down to Tucson. Any other Arizonans on here?
    Also in Phoenix. I went to the Ď87 and Ď91 games. I donít like it down there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonEvans View Post
    Coach K felt it was more than just those 3 guys, it was all the Pac 12 refs.

    The last 15 years or so, I think we could've replaced a South Carolina State, So. Carolina Upstate, etc. with a key non conference home and home. Potentially, it would've better prepared us for the rigors of in-conference and the tournament. It would've also given Duke a bit more positive notoriety for knocking off a name team on the road every other year. We were already playing teams in a neutral setting a fair number of times in larger corporate venues. I'm sure that the financial take was the underlying reason for this, but am gratified that we're getting back to what we use to do.

    That AZ game in Cameron will rival some of the energy and buzz of crowds that we had for Cuse, Georgetown, etc in the early 00's.

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