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My wife's car pretty much died yesterday. I won't bore you too much with the details but the mechanic is pretty sure the engine is toast. After doing some reading online last night, I suspected that was going to be what they told me today. It's a 2014 Mazda CX-9 with 150k miles on it. When I look at the value of the car (I used edmunds) it was around $9k with a good engine. The shop gave me 2 estimates to replace the engine: used engine $8k, new engine $9.5k. They said the new engine was on backorder until August 23rd and they might take weeks to get the used one installed as well.

If I decide not to replace the engine we'll look to sell the car in some way. I suspect it'll be a salvage yard. Anyone have any experience with this and know what our options are? Anyone have any idea what a salvage yard might give us for an SUV in decent shape (except for the actual engine)?
I got 1100. For a saab station wagon turbo my daughter ran into the ground.
That was a decade ago.